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Chase-Pro is Australia’s leading manufacturer in innovative dog treadmills and dog fitness equipment.

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ABOUT US :For many years we found ourselves searching for a top quality slatmill that fit our requirements. That search for the holy grail eventually led us to create our own premium product. 1980’s inspiration from the old school compact design, with today’s high quality advanced technology components, adding fine detail. 25 years in the making, our products are designed to suit your dog perfectly. The option and freedom to adjust and change the configuration is a key feature.Trialed and tested, our shock absorption slats are hard wearing they are precisely CNC machined.

All our products are handmade, with ethical workmanship.

We take pride in quality construction and components, which will last for many years to come.

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Carpet Mill by Chase Pro

Carpet Mill
High Resistance Training

The Chase Pro “Carpet Mill” has been developed for High Resistant training. Purpose Built For Strength Training, Mass Muscle Building And Explosive Cross Fit Type workout. Ideal For Any Environment, Folds Away In Under 20 Seconds, To Fit Almost Anywhere.

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Chase Pro Slat Mill

Premium Slat Mill
Low Resistance Training

The Premium Chase Pro Slat Mill Is Highly Sort After, As It Is Extremely Quiet, Low Resistant, Lightweight With A Smooth Running Belt. Great For General Exercise, Muscle Building, Endurance And Fitness. Ideal For Residential Areas And Indoor Training Facilities as it is . 3-5 spins

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Chase Pro Slat Mill

Professional Slat Mill
No Resistance Training

The Professional Chase Pro Slat Mill Is The World’s Greatest. Low Noise, No Resistance, Free Spinning, Slat Mill. Great For Building Speed, Stamina, Lean muscle, Strength and Wind. Also Great For Professional Agility Competition and Additional Stamina Training. 8-10 Spins

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Powered by Paws, Not Electricity

Your dog will be happy, healthy and stimulated all year round.

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