Builds Power & Strength

Great for Muscle Building. Ideal for Overall Strength & Fitness…..

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Builds Power & Speed

Medium Paced Workout. Ideal for High-Drive Dogs of All Sizes & Breeds….

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Free Spinning

Builds Speed and Agility

Fast Paced Workout. Ideal for High-Performance Peak Conditioning. Great for All Breeds…..

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Powered by Paws, Not Electricity

Your dog will be happy, healthy and stimulated all year round.


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Non Motorised

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Get Fit & Stay Fit

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Zoe De Pettri
Zoe De Pettri
August 15, 2023
Beyond amazing service! I purchase my treadmill 2 years ago now, and it still runs beautifully, recently got it in for a bit of an upgrade and it was complete in less than 24 hours! Thanks so much for your product and service guys! You’ve been more than patient with my sparatic timings and getting the mill done in lightning speed
Scott James
Scott James
July 27, 2023
From the moment I submitted my order, Mark couldn’t be helpful enough. Rang to see if I needed anything explained and we talked about what I was using it for and then suggested what was best for my needs. Has rang to see if I had received. Talked me through starting my dogs off on the chase pro. And how to encourage my dogs on it. Extremely well packaged, easy to set up. Very well made. Couldn’t recommend Mark highly enough was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Dogs love it.
Ferda Tuzlali
Ferda Tuzlali
July 4, 2023
Investing in Chase-Pro has truly been worth while! During a time of high interest rates, stress on household income, this product has been a life saver! The machine is safe, sturdy & well built! Powered by Paw CONTROL, this tredmill will last the test of time! With no Electricity required apart from your pets enthusiasm, this will keep them fit, assist with muscle growth while being an enjoyable experience for them! I have noticed a positive change in my boy! A time when he was reactive, Chase-Pro has now enabled him to increase his fitness levels without external distractions. He has become more motivated, happier and obedient! Running is not only a reward, its a lifestyle in all weather conditions! 15 mins on the machine gives him an appetite to eat & sleep well! Thank You Chase-Pro for creating this incredible treadmill! Highly recommended for the ones you love!
Lisa Heeley
Lisa Heeley
April 26, 2023
Speedy delivery and great customer service
Narelle Clarke
Narelle Clarke
March 15, 2023
Good quality product and great customer service.
Draga Roncevic
Draga Roncevic
March 13, 2023
I debated about getting the slatmill for about a year...too pricey I thought and I wasn't convinced my shepherd would love it as she hates escalators. How wrong I was! I've had it for about a month and it's worth every cent. My dog jumps on without prompting when she wants to run!!! It's THE BEST!! Incredibly well made and the after sales support I received from Mark was excellent. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Sharon Mewett
Sharon Mewett
February 24, 2023
Excellent product. Great customer service and fast delivery. Best thing I have ever purchased for my dog. She loves it, and it keeps her fit and grows her confidence daily.
Skyla Rain
Skyla Rain
February 13, 2023
Absolutely in love, my pupper can full out run with no risk of injuries or dog attacks so happy with my slatmill
Victoria Pope
Victoria Pope
December 22, 2022
Before I purchased they answered all my questions about the product over the phone. Delivery was fast, and they offered phone support for setup of the product as well, which I didn't need because it was so easy. My large premium mill is light enough that one person can move it around. It is quiet enough for indoor use and sturdy enough to leave outside in the elements. I love that my dogs can now run as long as they want inside even if it's hailing, storming, or too hot for outside. Can't say enough good things about this product! Thank you!
Our Non-motorized dog treadmills provide a safe and engaging experience for your furry companion

Ideal for Schutzhund IGP/IPO, Dog Sports, High Energy Dogs, Working dogs, Dog breeders, Dog Trainers.

Our Range of Dog Treadmills Improve Your Dog’s Health & Well-being,

Our High Quality Slatmills, Have Shock-Absorbent Running Platform’s With Adjustable Incline & Positioning.
Our Products Are a Solution; They Also Help Manage, Anxiety, Boredom, Destructive behavior, Built-Up Energy & Many Other Behavioral issues .

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Boost your dog’s health and fitness with the Chase Pro range of non-motorised dog treadmills – Worlds finest!

Perfect for ensuring sufficient exercise even in adverse weather, or for breeds needing high activity levels.

As Australia’s leading manufacturer, Chase Pro’s top-tier dog treadmills are trusted by prominent government bodies, including the Aust Army, Aust Navy, Australian Police, and Department of Corrections.

Choose from our No Resistance Slatmills, Low Resistance Slatmills, or High Resistance Carpet Mill – all reliable, high-quality, Australian-made products to help your dog’s stay robust and happy.

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