You might wonder why you need a dog treadmill, but the reality is, most dogs aren’t getting enough exercise as they should, which can lead to health and behavioral problems. To ensure you don’t have these issues, invest in a high-quality dog treadmill from Chase Pro. Not only will you be giving your furry friend a better, healthier, active life all year round, but you are also purchasing a product from one of the most advanced, world renowned dog treadmill manufacturers based in Melbourne, Australia. Chase pro dog treadmills is the go to, for Australia’s leading dog trainers and dog handlers.

All our Slatmill and Carpet mills are 100% Australian-made from premium high quality components. The range of Chase pro dog treadmills are useful tools to ensure that your dog is keeping active, fit and healthy.

Be a Responsible dog owner, and give your dog the necessary daily exercise they need.

Here are a few reasons why our dog treadmills are beneficial:

Physical exercise: Dogs, regardless of breed or size, require regular physical activity to maintain their overall health. Exercising your dog daily helps to keep their muscles toned, promotes cardiovascular fitness, and aids in weight management. The Chase pro Slatmill or Carpet mill treadmills provides a controlled and safe environment for your dog to walk, jog, or run, depending on their fitness level and specific needs. It can be particularly helpful for dogs that require more exercise than their owners can provide due to various limitations.

Mental stimulation: In addition to physical exercise, dogs also need mental stimulation to prevent boredom and destructive behaviors. The Chase pro dog treadmill range are non motorised, meaning the dog can workout at there own pace and stop when they like. Adjustable incline is also another feature adding a variety to there exercise routine. This helps to engage your dog’s mind and prevent monotony, making the exercise session more interesting and stimulating.

Weather conditions: Extreme weather conditions can sometimes make it challenging to exercise your dog outdoors. For example, during hot summer days or freezing rainy winters, it may not be safe or comfortable to take your dog for long walks. The Chase pro dog treadmill allows you to provide the exercise regardless of weather conditions, ensuring that your dog’s needs are met even when outdoor exercise is limited.

Rehabilitation and physical therapy: If your dog is recovering from an injury or undergoing rehabilitation, a treadmill can be a valuable tool. It allows controlled movement and exercise, aiding in muscle strengthening, joint flexibility, and overall recovery. Veterinary professionals often utilize treadmills as part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program for dogs.

Safety and control: Some dogs may have behavioral issues or be reactive towards other animals, making it difficult to exercise them in public spaces. A treadmill offers a controlled environment where you can closely monitor and guide your dog’s exercise without external distractions or potential risks.

While a Chase pro dog treadmill can be a useful addition to your dog’s exercise routine, it’s essential to introduce it gradually and ensure proper training and supervision.

Consult with Chase pro or a professional dog trainer to determine how much daily exercise your dog should have on the treadmill.