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Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know to get the best out of your Dog Treadmill

Human treadmills generally have a shorter track surface since we humans have a shorter gait. This may be fine for small dogs but not for larger ones. Dog specific treadmills will have a running belt that is long enough to handle a dog’s longest stride and natural gait and to give dogs room to “fall behind.” Exercising a dog on a treadmill of improper length will constrict the dog’s movement by shortening its stride, resulting in an unnatural gait and potential joint problems down the road.

Good dog treadmills are wider than human treadmills to give the dog room to “float” back and forth to trot naturally and to encourage the dog to reach and extend. Human treadmills are generally too narrow and will restrict body movement.

Generally we recommend that before you start a treatment program for chronically stressed dogs, do everything you can to lower stress in general. If that includes walks, then we recommend eliminating them – but only temporarily. Only until the dog and owners – equilibrium can be returned as much as possible back to stable levels.

It should be noted that a key benefit of taking your dog outside for a walk, are the many benefits they get from novelty and being able to interact with their environment with their nose. This is so important and of value to dogs. Research has indicated that dogs tend to favour those that walk them more than anyone else that interacts with them (including those that feed them).
Unless you are physically incapable of walking your dog, the treadmill exercise does not replace the need for regular, daily walks. In fact, it is most effective when it is applied immediately before or after the dog’s regular walk.

The kind of treadmill you choose partly depends on how you want to train them, the size of your dog.

Premium Treadmill
• Suitable for medium large and Xlarge dog breeds
• Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
• Durable and weatherproof
• premium wheels for quite training environments
• Trolley wheels for easy storage and movement
• Incline adjustments up to 100 mm

Professional Treadmill
• Suitable for medium or large High drive active dogs
• Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
• Durable and weatherproof
• Faster but louder wheels for competition, conditioning and agility training
• Trolley wheels for easy storage and movement
• Incline adjustment up to 100 mm

Slat mills require no electricity to run; your dog is the power. There are many great benefits of slat mills, such as there is no need to use
electricity, and your dog can determine the speed in which they run.
There are a variety of sizes, which include:
Size Length Width
Medium: 1600mm 400mm (suitable for French Bulldogs, Beagles)
Large: 1800mm 400mm (suitable for German Shepherds, Rottweilers)
XLarge: 2000mm 400mm (suitable for Great Danes, Irish Wolf Hounds)

A treadmill is not a natural apparatus for a dog to use. Many dogs are afraid of just the sound of a treadmill never mind getting on one. And
almost every dog will need some time to learn how balance on it and learn to walk on it.
Your first step is getting your dog comfortable around it.
You should only use positive methods, no corrections, it should not be rushed and it should only be a positive experience.

• Never leave unattended
• Should not be substituted for mental enrichment
• Keep your dog interested
• Train for only short periods of time
• Do not use leashes or harnesses to force your dog on or to keep your dog on the treadmill
• Do not over-exercise young dogs under the age of two as they can do long term damage to their joints
• Dogs are better off walking or trotting than running
• Do not exercise for more than 30 minutes (may be less depending on the dog)

The chase-pro dog treadmills are manually dog operated. So if the dog wants to run at full sprint or walk this is up to you or the dog.

We have our manufacturing facilities in Melbourne. If you wish to book in a demonstration please send us an email with a few details about your dog and we can arrange a demonstration.

Yes, we ship all over Australia.

Yes we ship worldwide, please send an email to enquire and we will notify you on a price.
Please note international shipping does not include warranty unless asked nor does it include any custom duties, if any.

Shipping is dependent on location. We will get you the best price for shipping as we deal with over 20 Shipping companies.

Yes for sure, we can build you a custom treadmill as long as it is within our current design, please send an email to enquire.

We aim to build each treadmill within 14 days of full payment.

As our dog treadmills are custom made, we do not accept any refunds.

Yes we can arrange a layby option, however the treadmill build will commence once we have received the full amount.

Yes we have a brake option designed exclusively for the chase-pro dog treadmill.

Yes the Premium Treadmill is the quietest.

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