When to Feed Your Dog For Exercise?

It’s important to recognise that your dog needs to retain a large amount of energy before any intense workout, but you should also be aware that they need a minimum of 20 hrs to digest a meal.

Always work out a dog on an empty stomach, and always be sure the dog is emptied out before any intense workout.

Dogs can easily ‘bloat’ if they partake in any strenuous exercise too quickly after eating their meal.

This may cause the stomach to swell and twist upon itself, causing blockages which can be life-threatening to a dog if not treated quickly.

When thinking of your dog’s feeding schedule, it’s always best to keep it consistent, working this effectively around your exercise schedule is important.

If you’re thinking of feeding your pet before exercise, then this will affect your dog’s performance.

It’s also not a good idea to feed your dog straight after exercise when they’re excessively warm or when they’re still panting from their workout.

You should wait for at least an hour after exercise before feeding your dog, as this gives them sufficient time to calm down and relax their stomachs before eating a large portion.

When you feed your dog, add water to the feed, this ensures they get hydrated, always make sure that fresh, clean water is always available.

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