How To Train Your Dog, To Use Our Treadmills

Training your dog to use chase pro dog treadmills can be a great way to ensure they get regular exercise, especially when outdoor conditions are not ideal.

Here are some essential do’s and don’ts to guide you through the process.

Follow Chase pro Instructions: Always start by reading and adhering to the instructions provided by the treadmill manufacturer.

Use a Harness:

A harness can provide additional support and safety for your dog, especially if they stumble or fall.

Use Side Panels:

Make use of the treadmill’s side panels to prevent your dog from stepping off.

Positive Reinforcement:

Use treats to reward and encourage your dog during training.

Start Slow:

Begin with short sessions of 5 minutes and gradually increase the duration.

Address Fear Gently:

If your dog shows signs of fear, stop the session, and restart slowly, rewarding progress at each step.

Monitor Fatigue:

Pay attention to signs of fatigue to prevent trips and falls.


Avoid Loud Voices: Refrain from using a loud voice during training. Loud sounds can increase fear and anxiety in your dog.

Don’t Start Too Fast:

Begin at a slow pace to help your dog get accustomed to the treadmill.

Never Leave Unattended: Always supervise your dog while they are on the treadmill.

No Negative Reinforcement:

Avoid using punishment.

Positive reinforcement is key to successful training.

Gradually Increase Incline:

Do not increase the incline too quickly.

Gradual adjustments are safer and more effective.

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Our expert team is always ready to clarify your queries about our dog treadmills.
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Chase Pro Size Guide

Tips for measuring your dog

Medium Size

Ideal for dogs up to 100cm

Large Size

Ideal for dogs up to 120cm

X Large Size

Ideal for dogs up to 140cm

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Slatmills: Medium, Large, X Large

Carpet mills: Medium, Large

Examples Of Breed Sizes

Medium: French Bulldogs, Beagles

Large: German Shepherds, Rottweilers

X Large: Great Danes, Irish Wolf Hound

Furthermore, our team is capable of constructing a personalized Chase Pro Slatmill that aligns perfectly with your specific requirements, all while adhering to our standard design.

New "Elevate" Model

Hand adjustable Incline running deck.
Introducing the Elevate slatmill, meticulously hand crafted to cater to your dog’s exercise regimen with professional-grade precision. 
The Elevate slatmill offers effortless monitoring of your dog’s progress through its digital speedometer. 
With a manual ratchet-style incline feature, you can seamlessly tailor the workout intensity to suit your dog’s needs, promoting optimal performance while minimising stress. 
Elevate Features

Elevate” the challenge by adjusting the deck height up to 200mm, simulating hill climbing for a comprehensive workout experience at your fingertips. Safety is paramount, ensured by the integrated deck lock system. Boasting a generous 385mm wide running surface, stainless steel bearings, and an adjustable belt tracking system, the “Elevate” is engineered to accommodate dogs weighing up to 80kg. Its 200mm wheel facilitates easy mobility, underscoring its practicality and functionality.

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