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    Chase Pro “CLICK CLICK” Marker Board

    AU$215.00 Inc tax
    The Chase pro "CLICK CLICK" Marker board is used in dog training, as a marker position where the dog is directed to the Marker board, then by stepping on the device a "click click" sound comes from the device, similar to the Clicker we use in training,  then the dog return's back on command. There is a Dopamine release when this task is completed, and the dogs absolutely love it.
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    Chase Pro Spring Pole

    AU$65.00 Inc tax
    The Chase pro Spring pole can be a positive way for your dog to exert these natural tendencies in a calm, controlled environment. Spring poles can also be used to help train your dog, and you should get into the habit of having the dog grab when commanded, and release/return when commanded.
    • Keep your dog entertained while you are away 
    • Unique design stimulates your best friends
    • With 5 natural senses of taste, smell, sound, sight and touch
    • Constructed from quality durable material
    • The perfect toy to keep bored dogs entertained
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