Chase Pro Flirt Pole

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“NEW” Chase pro Flirt pole

The Chase Pro Flirt Pole proves to be an excellent interactive exercise device. Its primary aim is to engage the dog in chasing the lure, creating a thrilling game of “catch me if you can.” Upon achieving this goal, rewarding the dog can involve playing a fun game of tug of war. Think of it as a oversized cat toy for dogs.

  • Heavy Duty Bungee cord (preventing whip lash)
  • Heavy Duty pole
  • Heavy Duty Canvas Lure
  • Heavy Duty Rubber Handle
  • Fun and interactive
  • Helps with impulse control
  • Helps in obedience training
  • Helps with endurance
  • Improves Coordination

Available on back-order

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How To Use The Chase Pro Flirt Pole?

You can use the flirt pole as a fun way to practice the following commands: sit, down, look, wait, take it, leave it, drop it. You’ll be working your dog’s rile/recovery skills. That means they’ll get to practice listening to you when they’re in a state of high arousal (chasing and tugging) and learn to cool off quick (drop it and lie down) when you say so. Handy for reactive dogs who are working on impulse control. You can warm up your dog before and after an intense workout on the slatmill, or before going on a walk, so they’re more relaxed.

The Chase Pro Flirt pole is a fantastic tool for enhancing your dog’s muscle development and overall fitness. It’s perfect for keeping your dog active and engaged, especially in situations where outdoor exercise isn’t feasible. In summary, this versatile tool is highly effective for dog owners aiming to boost their dog’s health, fitness, and obedience skills. Whether your goal is muscle building, impulse control improvement, or simply having fun with your dog, the Chase Pro Flirt pole is an excellent choice.

Flirt pole is a great investment for any dog owner.


Note: The Flirt pole is not a chew toy

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Dimensions 10 × 25 × 10 cm
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