Biothane Dog Harness

Chase Pro Slip ’n‘ Harness

Have your dog in our Y shaped harness in under 10 seconds flat.
Super easy to fit to your dog.
You will have total control over the dog, no matter how strong they are.
Super easy, convenient, durable and incredibly strong.
You guys will love it !!!

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Product Information

The Slip n “Y Front” Harness by Chase Pro is incredibly simple to put on your dog.

It automatically adjusts to your dog’s shape, making fitting a breeze.

Chase Pro has designed the “Y Front” Harness System for quick and effortless dog harnessing, taking just seconds.

This harness is ideal for your dog when on our Slatmills, providing them with full body mobility during physical activities.

With the Y Front Slatmill Harness, you’ll experience real-time feedback through the “floating lead connection,” helping you better sense your dog’s movements at the leash’s end.

Additionally, the Girth Straps will proactively tighten if your dog attempts to slip out of the harness.

Chase Pro Size Guide

Tips for measuring your dog

Medium Size

Ideal for dogs up to 100cm

Large Size

Ideal for dogs up to 120cm

X Large Size

Ideal for dogs up to 140cm

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Slatmills: Medium, Large, X Large

Carpet mills: Medium, Large

Examples Of Breed Sizes

Medium: French Bulldogs, Beagles

Large: German Shepherds, Rottweilers

X Large: Great Danes, Irish Wolf Hound

Furthermore, our team is capable of constructing a personalized Chase Pro Slatmill that aligns perfectly with your specific requirements, all while adhering to our standard design.

Request Custom Colour

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New "Elevate" Model

Hand adjustable Incline running deck.
Introducing the Elevate slatmill, meticulously hand crafted to cater to your dog’s exercise regimen with professional-grade precision. 
The Elevate slatmill offers effortless monitoring of your dog’s progress through its digital speedometer. 
With a manual ratchet-style incline feature, you can seamlessly tailor the workout intensity to suit your dog’s needs, promoting optimal performance while minimising stress. 
Elevate Features

Elevate” the challenge by adjusting the deck height up to 200mm, simulating hill climbing for a comprehensive workout experience at your fingertips. Safety is paramount, ensured by the integrated deck lock system. Boasting a generous 385mm wide running surface, stainless steel bearings, and an adjustable belt tracking system, the “Elevate” is engineered to accommodate dogs weighing up to 80kg. Its 200mm wheel facilitates easy mobility, underscoring its practicality and functionality.

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