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Key Features

Low Noise

Smooth Free Spinning “Non Motorised” Belt

3 Points Safety Attachments

100% Washable and Easy to Clean

Handcrafted Excellence

No Electricity Required

Shock Absorption Slats

Adjustable Side Panels and Top Brace

Lightweight Frame

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Three Sizes Available

Trolley Wheels

Adjustable Incline

Optional Extra’s For your Slatmill :

Brake System: Add extra control and safety with an

optional brake system. $150

Deck Lock System: Secure the track during the loading and

unloading of the dog. It’s also a great help with storage and

transport. $150

Wireless Digital Speedometer: Track your dog’s progress with a

cutting-edge, rechargeable wireless speedometer. $150



Premium Slatmill

High Energy Breeds

Professional Slatmill

All Breeds

Frame Heavy Duty Aluminum Heavy Duty Aluminum
Nuts and Bolts Precisely machined stainless steel Precisely machined stainless steel
Slats Precise CNC shock absorption slats Precise CNC shock absorption slats
Incline Adjustable up to 100mm Adjustable up to 100mm
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We pride ourselves on selling Australia’s leading dog treadmills and offering superb customer service.

Our dog treadmills are designed to fit, it’s crucial you order the correct size and model for your dog.

We believe in our product and stand behind the quality of our self-propelled dog treadmills 100%.

If you have any questions, you can Contact Chase Pro, and we’d be happy to chat.

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