Tips and Tricks for Bored Dogs

How to stop your dog being destructive: tips and tricks for bored dogs


If your dog is digging holes, pulling clothes off the line, destroying their dog bed or wrecking their toys, they are probably bored. Ensuring your dogs get exercise and enrichment is easier said than done with a busy modern lifestyle.

You may have heard the adage, ‘a tired dog is a good dog’, and it’s true, but how do we make sure our pooch is getting the exercise they need without eating up all our spare time every day?

Here are our top tips for keeping your dog engaged and active so they are too tired to destroy your home and garden.

Flirt Poles

The Flirt Pole is a fantastic exercise tool . It exhausts your dog in record time, but it doesn’t tire you out! You may practice their training with voice commands like sit, down, wait, take it, leave-it and drop-it by using it as a fun method to teach them.

You’ll be teaching them their rile/recovery skills. They’ll get to apply what they’ve learned while they’re engaged in high arousal (chasing and tugging) and learning fast (drop it and lie down) on your instruction. This is beneficial for reactive dogs who need to practice impulse control.

The Dog Treadmill Range

The Chase Pro dog treadmill is a specially designed doggie treadmill that allows your dog to exercise indoors. It typically consists of a non motorized belt that the dog walks or runs on, with the dog adjusting the speed in his gallop.

The Chase Pro dog treadmills can be a useful tool for dog owners who live in areas with extreme weather conditions or limited outdoor space. They can also be helpful for dogs with medical conditions that require controlled exercise or for overweight dogs that need to lose weight.

However, it’s important to note that a dog treadmill should never replace regular outdoor exercise and playtime. Dogs need to have social interaction and mental stimulation, which they cannot get from a treadmill alone. Additionally, proper training and supervision are essential when using a dog treadmill to ensure the safety and well-being of your pet.

The Spring Pole

A dog spring pole is a plaything that aids in the development of muscle and pleasure for dogs. It consists of a pole with a spring at its end where a dog may pull and swing on it. The game of tug-of-war, especially for terriers, stimulates their prey drive, making most active dogs ecstatic.

The spring pole is the ideal muscle-training device for dogs, allowing them to have fun for hours on end. The pulling, swinging, and tugging action of the Spring Pole appeals to dogs. It precisely mimics the Tug of War game.



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Chase Pro Size Guide

Tips for measuring your dog

Medium Size

Ideal for dogs up to 100cm

Large Size

Ideal for dogs up to 120cm

X Large Size

Ideal for dogs up to 140cm

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Furthermore, our team is capable of constructing a personalized Chase Pro Slatmill that aligns perfectly with your specific requirements, all while adhering to our standard design.

New "Elevate" Model

Hand adjustable Incline running deck.
Introducing the Elevate slatmill, meticulously hand crafted to cater to your dog’s exercise regimen with professional-grade precision. 
The Elevate slatmill offers effortless monitoring of your dog’s progress through its digital speedometer. 
With a manual ratchet-style incline feature, you can seamlessly tailor the workout intensity to suit your dog’s needs, promoting optimal performance while minimising stress. 
Elevate Features

Elevate” the challenge by adjusting the deck height up to 200mm, simulating hill climbing for a comprehensive workout experience at your fingertips. Safety is paramount, ensured by the integrated deck lock system. Boasting a generous 385mm wide running surface, stainless steel bearings, and an adjustable belt tracking system, the “Elevate” is engineered to accommodate dogs weighing up to 80kg. Its 200mm wheel facilitates easy mobility, underscoring its practicality and functionality.

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