How To Train Your Dog To Use A Treadmill

Your dog will be happier and healthier when using a dog treadmill.


  • Follow the instructions set by Chase Pro if you are unsure on how to get your dog in motion on the treadmill            
  • If the treadmill is being used for weight loss or physiotherapy purposes, contact Chase Pro as we are trained professionals in these fields. 
  • If your dog is not comfortable, stop the session and have a short break. Slowly start again in 10 to 15 mins, rewarding the dogs progress every step of the way.
  • All Chase pro dog treadmills, have installed a “quick release” lead to keep your dog safely fixed on the treadmill at all times.
  • Use a Collar or harness, its personal choice both are equally as effective on the slat mill. 
  • Standing alongside your dog, encouraging them, builds the dogs confidence.
  • Use lots of praise and encouragement for positive reinforcement.
  • Start slowly, with 2-5 minute sessions 2 times a day at first and increase to session weekly by 5-10 minutes.


  • Use a loud voice during training sessions. If your dog hesitates, is fearful or trips – using a loud voice can create fear, even if you aren’t scolding him.
  • Leave your pet alone on the treadmill.
  • Use negative reinforcement (punishment).
  • Increase the incline of the treadmill for dogs incline too fast.

It is likely that your dog will become fast friends with their treadmill for dogs

This wise investment in your dog’s health can be used for years to come and even alongside your own treadmill.