How To Train Your Dog, To Use Our Treadmills

How To Train Your Dog To Use Our Treadmills

Your dog will be happier and healthier when using our dog treadmills.

1. Initial Introduction: Start by introducing your dog to the treadmill with the deck lock on . Allow them to get comfortable with the equipment by letting them sniff, explore, and even sit or stand on it. Use the deck lock to keep it stable.
2. Positive Association: Use treats and praise to create a positive association with the treadmill. Reward your dog for approaching it, standing on it, and staying calm around it. This helps them see the treadmill as a friendly object.
3. Slow Movement: Once your dog is comfortable standing on the treadmill, release the deck lock. Allow them to get used to the sensation of the moving belt under their paws. If they seem eager, offer lots of encouragement and praise.
4. Gradual Movement: When your dog seems at ease with the slow movement, you can let them go at a very low speed. Let them walk on it at their own pace. Do not force them to run if they’re not comfortable; the goal is to build confidence.
5. Incremental Progress: Over time, gradually increase the speed and duration of the treadmill sessions. Always observe your dog’s body language and comfort level. If they seem stressed or uncomfortable, slow down or stop the session.
6. Positive Reinforcement: Continue to use treats and praise to reward your dog during treadmill training. Make it a fun and positive experience, so they look forward to using it.
7. Consistency: Consistency is key. Try to incorporate short treadmill sessions into your dog’s routine regularly. As your dog becomes more accustomed to it, you can extend the duration and increase the intensity of the exercise.

Remember, every dog is different, and some may take longer to adjust to the treadmill than others. Always prioritize your dog’s comfort and well-being during the training process, and consult with a professional dog trainer if you encounter any difficulties or if you’re unsure about any aspect of treadmill training.


  • Follow the instructions set by Chase Pro if you are unsure on how to get your dog in motion on the dog treadmill
  • If the Slatmill is being used for weight loss or physiotherapy purposes, contact Chase Pro as we are trained professionals in these fields.
  • If your dog is not comfortable, stop the session and have a short break. Slowly start again in 10 to 15 mins, rewarding the dogs progress every step of the way.
  • All Chase Pro dog treadmills, have a “quick release” lead installed to keep your dog safely fixed on the doggie treadmill at all times.
  • Use a collar or harness, which one you choose is a personal choice both are equally as effective on the slatmill.
  • Standing alongside your dog, encouraging them, builds the dogs confidence.
  • Use lots of praise and encouragement for positive reinforcement.
  • Start slowly, with 2-5 minute sessions 2 times a day at first and increase to session weekly by 5-10 minutes.

Don’t’s :

  • Use a loud voice during training sessions. If your dog hesitates, is fearful or trips – using a loud voice can create fear, even if you aren’t scolding him.
  • Leave your pet alone on the dog treadmill.
  • Use negative reinforcement (punishment).
  • Don’t be in a rush to get to top speed.

It is likely that your dog will become fast friends with their treadmill for dogs.

This wise investment in your dog’s health can be used for years to come and even alongside your own human treadmill.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQs below

Our expert team is always ready to clarify your queries about our dog treadmills.
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Chase Pro Size Guide

Tips for measuring your dog

Medium Size

Ideal for dogs up to 100cm

Large Size

Ideal for dogs up to 120cm

X Large Size

Ideal for dogs up to 140cm

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Slatmills: Medium, Large, X Large

Carpet mills: Medium, Large

Examples Of Breed Sizes

Medium: French Bulldogs, Beagles

Large: German Shepherds, Rottweilers

X Large: Great Danes, Irish Wolf Hound

Furthermore, our team is capable of constructing a personalized Chase Pro Slatmill that aligns perfectly with your specific requirements, all while adhering to our standard design.

New "Elevate" Model

Hand adjustable Incline running deck.
Introducing the Elevate slatmill, meticulously hand crafted to cater to your dog’s exercise regimen with professional-grade precision. 
The Elevate slatmill offers effortless monitoring of your dog’s progress through its digital speedometer. 
With a manual ratchet-style incline feature, you can seamlessly tailor the workout intensity to suit your dog’s needs, promoting optimal performance while minimising stress. 
Elevate Features

Elevate” the challenge by adjusting the deck height up to 200mm, simulating hill climbing for a comprehensive workout experience at your fingertips. Safety is paramount, ensured by the integrated deck lock system. Boasting a generous 385mm wide running surface, stainless steel bearings, and an adjustable belt tracking system, the “Elevate” is engineered to accommodate dogs weighing up to 80kg. Its 200mm wheel facilitates easy mobility, underscoring its practicality and functionality.

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